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Cooling Calender Cylinder Manufacturing

Cooling calender rollers are an important equipment used during the cooling of plastic film, sheet or plates. These rollers are used to rapidly cool the plastic material and bring it to the desired thickness.

While plastic films or sheets are hot during production, they are usually cooled after heat treatment. This cooling process ensures that the material has the correct thickness and shape. Cooling calender rollers determine the thickness of the material while performing this cooling process.

Cooling calender rollers provide homogeneous cooling of the plastic material, thanks to their specially designed surfaces. Also, thanks to the channels on the rollers, the cooling water is circulated and allows the material to cool quickly.

These rollers are used in many industrial applications such as plastic film production, coating production, pipe or profile extrusion, strip or sheet production. As cooling calender rollers are an important piece of equipment used in material production, it is extremely important that they are designed and manufactured correctly.